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Apart from being a great way to get around golf courses, golf carts have become an important mode of transportation in communities and resorts across Florida. And with good reason! There are several reasons why golf carts have become so popular. With safety, accessibility, and efficiency being three of the biggest.

When it comes to vacationing and living in retirement communities, golf carts are a necessity.

Now that technology is moving forward, self-driving golf carts are taking over. While we’re all familiar with the carts that we know and love, these vehicles are evolving, and with autonomous golf carts there’s more than meets the eye.

This blog takes a look at golf carts in Florida and how retirement villages and resorts can improve efficiency, save costs, and give residents and visitors a better way to get around by introducing autonomous carts.


Golf carts in Florida resorts

Attracting visitors who want car-free vacations

According to an AAA survey done, 68% of respondents said they would adjust their travel habits to account for higher fuel prices. This could include taking fewer trips, taking shorter trips, or staying at less expensive hotels. But what if there were another way for travellers to cut costs? 

Increasingly, travellers choose to visit destinations that can provide a car-free stay. This means a less complicated trip and a huge transport saving.

Destinations like car-free resorts offer nearby amenities and smarter ways to get around. Some resorts offer bicycles, while most provide golf carts to take guests where they want to go.

Resorts can take this one step further with an end-to-end autonomous golf cart solution. Here are a few of the advantages for resorts.


The benefits of self-driving golf carts for resorts

Reducing your accident rate: Drivers are more likely to get into accidents (statistically). The unfortunate outcome is having to deal with legal issues, costs and replacements. It all adds up. So, it makes sense that you would want to reduce accident rates. With low-speed autonomous golf carts, you can use predefined speeds, cart coordination and TruSafe™ technology to provide a safe driving experience.

Save on driver costs: Low speed vehicles that drive themselves save a lot of money. In addition to cutting driver costs and improving performance for lower maintenance costs, a driverless cart could also save you money by reducing insurance costs.

James Hewitson, Hotel Manager at Anantara, The Palm, Dubai says “there is 20% – 40% of buggy cost for spare parts annually”

Better service: Smart golf cart fleets in resorts are practically designed to take care of themselves (but there is a suite of handy tools for fleet managers too). From managed smart charging to an app-based interface, pre-selected routes, autonomous pick-up, and an unrivaled driving experience – Carteav’s autonomous golf carts help ensure that your guests enjoy top-of-the-line service. 

Here are a few of the service benefits:

  • An accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for cart reservations means that guests won’t have to wait or deal with delays that could impact their experience at the resort.
  • Using autonomous golf carts optimizes golf cart charging and load-balancing, which means lower golf cart maintenance costs for the resort.
  • Unexpected events can be handled more effectively.
  • You’ll have access to management data that can help the resort to make smart decisions to improve overall efficiency and profitability.

Next, we’ll look at autonomous golf carts in retirement communities in Florida.


Golf carts in Florida retirement communities

What about retirement communities?

So, how does an autonomous vehicle meet the unique needs of the elderly population living in retirement communities?

There are several benefits that electric low-speed autonomous vehicles offer. Here are a few:

Safer driving experience: You can set the speed you want and remember it uses TruSafe™ technology that all results in a safer driving experience, with a sharp decrease in the number of golf-cart accidents. 

“As we age, even though we may still be very active and alert, sometimes our senses are not as quick as they once were. I would love to have a convenient and safe way to travel throughout my hometown without the stress of having to guess what another driver might do on the streets.” – says a The Villages Resident.

Autonomous golf carts give retirees, and even younger visitors, transportation with complete peace of mind. It ensures that another driver’s negligence doesn’t place them at risk. 

Shared vehicles: There can be multiple active carts that are all available to pick up and drop off individuals or groups. Ridesharing ensures that no one in the retirement community has to wait. You can cut down allocation and searching times and speed up arrival times. This results in a service time that is significantly faster, and that the autonomous carts are used optimally.

Users and guests love a more efficient transport option, and the retirement community fleet managers love the reduction in maintenance costs the better load-balancing delivers.


Is your resort or community autonomous yet?

Perhaps it’s time to improve your fleet and enjoy lower on-site transportation costs, improve safety and make mobility efficient for your users and guests. 

Autonomous is the way to go. Follow the way forward. Contact Carteav to learn more about our end-to-end autonomous golf cart solution now.


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