Creating the world’s safest self-driving experience

Be part of something incredible. Step into the future and provide a massive “wow” factor for your business and your customers. Stand out in a crowded field with your own end-to-end autonomous golf cart offering.

Made in partnership with Pilotcar

Our Promise

Carteav promises to deliver a safe autonomous solution that will revolutionize the geo-fenced low-speed vehicle (LSV) market and shape the future of on-site transportation.

The result is safer and more efficient feature-rich transportation for visitors and significantly lower costs for customers.

The Solution: Sub-systems

An end-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geo-fenced areas.

An end-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geo-fenced areas

End-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geo-fenced area

The Technology That Drives Our Autonomous Low Speed Vehicles


Our navigation system accurately maps out your geo-fenced area in less than a day, providing you with a detailed map, complete with all of its various points of interest.

Now, getting started is quick and painless.

Carteav's mapping shown as a screenshot within software

TruSafe™ Technology

TruSafe™ technology fuses Lidar, Radar, and Video into one integrated obstacle on a 2D map layer.
  • Red dots indicate automatic recognition of pedestrian and analyze its direction
  • Blue lines indicate a fusion of video 2D over Lidar 3D
  • Blue dots indicate object fusion generated by the radar
  • Yellow 2D ground shape indicates a static obstacle

Smooth Control Optimization

Experience an unrivaled autonomous driving experience with a leading-edge control algorithm based on unique low-speed human behavior optimization that ensures smooth driving and fluent motion without unnecessary jerks or stops.

Fleet Management

Each site is supported by its very own cloud-based Fleet Manager that provides cart user assistance, scheduling and load balancing of cart reservations, sending carts for autonomous charging together with a feature-rich site dashboard.


Here is how riders can easily reserve a cart:

Step 1:
Immediate – Tap the logo to order the pickup at the current location. Scheduled – The user can use advanced mode to select different times and locations. With one touch -a cart is ordered and already on it’s way.
Step 2:
Then, an informative notification is delivered containing ETA, cart location, the cart name, and a link which is used as the key to the cart. The cart will arrive within minutes of the order.
Step 3:
It’s that easy! While in the cart, the user can select their destination from the map, categories, or history.

An end-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geo-fenced areas

End-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geo-fenced area

How We Make it Safe and Smooth


Predefined adjustable speeds assigned during the mapping process improve safety and situational awareness for safer and more fluent rides across map sections.

TruSafe™ Technology

Industry-leading autonomous vehicle technology that combines the power of Lidar, Radar, and Video guarantees full redundancy, and complete reliability.

Carts Coordination

Bypass stop and start coordination and avoid congested routes, all with a 360° cart view, all done by collaborative communication between carts.

Fleet Manager

Provide immediate assistance and manage unique events, in addition to unique functionality such as scheduling and reservation balancing.


Passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride through dense pedestrian areas without jerks, stops, or sudden turns.