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Every aspect of our lives is changing thanks to smart technology, from our homes to how cities are run, and the transportation industry is no exception. New developments promise an even more exciting and interactive experience in the future.

Improving the guest experience

Resorts and hoteliers can expect smart technology to continue shaping guests’ experiences and expectations. Using guest data as well as occupancy sensors, it is possible to not only better accommodate guest needs, but also automate client interactions throughout their stay, thereby reducing friction points and labor costs. Using smart technology, hotels will be able to predict and personalize a number of their guests’ experiences based on their previous visits.

The facility’s fleet of vehicles is one such area that can be used to improve the guest experience. But we won’t leave you in suspense any longer, let’s go through the three biggest advancements in resort transportation on the horizon.

Three advancements in resort transportation fleets

1. End-to-end autonomous transportation solutions

Resorts, retirement communities, office parks, and college campuses are among the areas conducting live tests of autonomous fleet vehicles. These locations are ideal for autonomous low-speed vehicles since they are owned by a single party and have a relatively controlled transportation environment – engineers can simply program the vehicle to stop if it’s confused. 

One key aspect of resorts that other destinations lack is a profit motive. Universities, office park owners, and retirement communities have a hard time balancing these costs with the benefits. 

It is not possible for the university to raise tuition solely because it runs a few routes with autonomous shuttles. In resorts, however, guests are willing to spend more to have a better experience. Travel is often a high friction component of vacations, which explains why houses adjacent to a beach rent for a massive premium over those further away.

They have already begun testing driverless autonomous driving mobility services in a seaside resort in Chatan Town, Okinawa, and major companies like Google’s division at Waymo and Uber are also testing driverless services on the outside.

2. Mobility service reservation

Think Uber, but inside of a resort, and instead of a car, guests are picked up by low-speed vehicles such as golf carts (or even self-driving golf carts). If you’re a resort owner, you don’t want to leave your resort guests waiting for a cart, not knowing when one will arrive. You need to cut away unnecessary processes between a guest’s request and the allocation of a cart. 

Now, thanks to the ride reservation systems – users and guests can book transport well in advance. Whether it is a ride to the resort restaurant, to the dock area for a morning cruise, or to the pickup area for an outing.

Resort guests can enjoy full mobility and the freedom to travel inside of the resort without having to endure the painful waiting times that we’re used to at present.

3. Connected resort fleet management

Another brilliant advancement is fleet connectivity. Through a connected fleet, general managers and staff can monitor (in real-time) where the vehicles are, if and when maintenance is needed, which vehicles are reserved, battery levels of electric vehicles, and which staff members are currently using them.

Your fleet’s availability can be affected by a variety of factors throughout the day and General managers cannot make the necessary decisions to prevent interruptions from ruining the guest experience without a clear view of what is going on. 

Connected fleets can offer an aggregated view of what is going on at any given time via a dedicated Fleet Manager app. Ideal for optimizing resort transportation, these fleet management dashboards can display intelligent and important metrics that will represent fleet availability, reservations, and more.

Elevating resort transportation

You no longer need to worry about unreliable vehicles. To stay one step ahead of disruption in this industry, you need to nail all the details, ensuring that your guests leave with nothing but fond memories.

Pave the way with resort transportation improvements at your facility. Carteav offers a safe autonomous golf cart solution with a wide variety of features as part of our end-to-end solution:

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Fleet Manager App
  • Autonomous smart charging
  • Unique reservation system

To learn more about what we’re building, find out what is next for low-speed mobility, or get in touch to talk about the future of transportation, steer in our direction

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