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We bring a SAFE autonomous solution to the geo-fenced low-speed vehicle (LSV) market – significantly reducing on-site transportation costs for our customers and thrilling riders with the extraordinary “WOW” effect.

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The Start of a Worldwide Autonomous Low-Speed Vehicle Revolution

At Carteav, our mission is to create and distribute autonomous low-speed vehicles (LSVs) that inspire mass-market adoption on a global scale. With our unique approach, challenging problems such as unmanageable complexity, high cost, and regulatory issues can all be overcome – Click the button to read more about how Carteav disrupts from below.

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Driver Cost

Autonomous vehicles dramatically reduce driver cost, simplifies management, and guarantees 24/7 availability.


Far fewer accidents lower maintenance cost expenses by more than 50%, decrease insurance costs and creates a safer environment.


Improve availability and increase efficiency with shorter service cycles brought about through sharing.


Offer exciting services such as scheduled reservation, estimated time of arrival, and in-cart point of interest selection.

Autonomous Golf Cart News

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The Solution: Sub-systems

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Autonomous Mobility Blog

Take a look at our latest post about autonomous golf carts, fleet management, golf cart maintenance, smart mobility and more!

We’re on the verge of a major global transformation, with the advent of autonomous transport.  While this exciting new dawn has been

Arizona already hosts several self-driving transport solutions. Now, autonomous golf carts are entering the state too.

Golf carts in Florida resorts and retirement villages are transforming as self-driving golf carts improve safety and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

An autonomous golf cart (or self-driving golf cart) is a low-speed electric vehicle that can drive without a human driver. These golf carts can safely transport users, guests, and riders independently using software and hardware that includes self-driving and deep learning algorithms, state-of-the-art navigation, sensors, and computer vision technology (such as LiDAR and RADAR), amongst others.

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is an optical sensing technology that uses light to measure distance and map out an environment alongside 3D software.

RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) is a remote sensing technology that measures the time of flight of a reflected radio wave signal to map out an environment.

Using an autonomous golf cart solution can significantly reduce golf cart maintenance costs, driver costs, overall fleet costs, and lower insurance costs.

Our low-speed vehicles achieve this in a number of ways that include more efficient use of golf cart batteries and more economical use of carts, amongst other improvements.

Smaller businesses that require on-site transportation could visit a golf cart dealer to purchase their golf carts. Larger businesses that require a more robust golf cart fleet could get their golf carts directly from a manufacturer, lease the golf cart fleet, or subscribe to an end-to-end solution. An end-to-end solution will take care of everything from fleet vehicles to advanced fleet management tools in this last instance.

To learn more about our end-to-end solution for autonomous golf carts in geofenced areas and your organization’s golf cart fleet cost – please get in touch to tell us more about your needs so that we can provide accurate pricing that will work for you.

The primary objective of any fleet management technology is to improve operational efficiency and productivity for golf cart fleet operators. With notable benefits such as improved driver safety, real-time updates and insights, reporting, better vehicle maintenance, and higher customer satisfaction.

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