TypeScript 4.7 adds ESM support in Node.js

TypeScript 4.7, now in a beta launch, presents ECMAScript module (ESM) assist for Node.js 12 in addition to a large number of coding enhancements.

Unveiled April 8, TypeScript 4.7 is the newest deliberate model of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript. TypeScript 4.7 backs ECMAScript module assist in Node.js 12, one thing that had been deliberate for TypeScript 4.5 late final 12 months however was delayed.

Nightly-only assist for ECMAScript modules in Node.js was rolled out within the TypeScript 4.5 timeframe. These modules allow reuse of code by way of packaging. Implementing this assist has been tough as a result of Node.js was constructed on a special module system, CommonJS. TypeScript 4.7 provides this performance with two module settings, node12 and nodenext. Suggestions on this functionality is sought and might be provided on GitHub.

TypeScript 4.7 is because of attain a launch candidate stage on Could 10, adopted by a ultimate launch on Could 24. The beta might be accessed by way of NPM:

npm set up typescript@beta

Different capabilities in TypeScript 4.7 embrace:

  • To management module detection, TypeScript 4.7 introduces the choice moduleDetection.
  • A moduleSuffixes choice is supported to customise lookup of module specifiers.
  • With management circulation evaluation for laptop properties, TypeScript analyzes the kind of computed properties and narrows them appropriately.
  • TypeScript now can carry out extra granular inferences from capabilities with objects and arrays. This enables forms of these capabilities to persistently circulation in a left-to-right method, identical to for plain arguments.
  • Features and constructors might be fed sort arguments straight.
  • Builders can explicitly specify variance on sort parameters.
  • typeof queries might be carried out on personal fields.
  • Arrange Imports is carried out in a group-aware method.
  • Snippet completions are offered for object literal strategies.
  • Beneath strictNullChecks, the kind checker disables a sort security gap that was maintained for backward compatibility, the place sort parameters have been thought of to be assignable to {} and object. This can be a breaking change.
  • A readonly tuple now will deal with its size property as readonly. This is also a breaking change.

Predecessor TypeScript 4.6, centering on capabilities resembling ECMAScript 2022 assist and recursion checks, was printed February 28.

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