ios – How to get default system size of symbol image in UIListContentConfiguration?

When using UIListContentConfiguration, within the occasion you current an SF Picture image, the system decides the proper approach to dimension it based in your dynamic kind textual content material dimension. “Picture images is likely to be centered inside a predefined reservedLayoutSize that’s scaled with the content material materials dimension class.” (Documented in header suggestions for reservedLayoutSize)

In my app I must create a sidebar with cells similar to the Images app – an album cell has {a photograph} for the image comparatively than an emblem. To try this, I need to know what dimension to make the image, given that dimension of the cell’s image view is determined by the size of the image you current. “Non-symbol images will use a reservedLayoutSize equal to the exact dimension of the displayed image.” It have to be consistent with the size of various cells which do present picture images.

How do you get the predefined system reserved construction dimension?

UIListContentConfiguration.ImageProperties.standardDimension sounded promising nonetheless that’s solely a set that informs the system to utilize its default dimension, comparatively than exposing that dimension – its price is -1.7976931348623157e+308.

contentConfiguration.imageProperties.reservedLayoutSize is by default which suggests the default dimension is used. So how can we get that dimension?

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