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This week, That One Man takes each prime spots on the insightful facet. In first place, it’s a remark about Senator James Lankford’s silly letter to Sundar Pichai demanding solutions in regards to the elimination of CPAC movies:

Possibly take the gloves off?

At this level everybody ought to actually cease treating individuals like Lankford as trustworthy people with legitimate factors and simply reply truthfully.

‘We took the movies down as a result of we now have guidelines towards mendacity about elections and no quantity of delusions, mendacity and/or pandering to Trump will change the truth that the election was legitimate, he misplaced each the favored vote and the electoral faculty and all the handfuls of circumstances arguing in any other case have been laughed out of courtroom as unsubstantiated. If you wish to argue in any other case you are able to do it on different platforms as we’ll not be permitting you to lie and try to undermine belief within the democratic system on ours.’

In second place, it’s a response to a different lawmaker’s silly feedback — on this case, Senator Ken Buck’s antitrust threats towards Apple:

Somebody mentioned the quiet half out loud…

Oops. Nothing like making clear that your anti-trust efforts are motivated before everything by an organization opposing bigotry to actually rip that masks of your character and totally intestine any likelihood your efforts will rise up in courtroom because of that pesky first modification.

For editor’s alternative on the insightful facet, we begin out with an nameless response to the continuing complaints about DirecTV dropping OAN:

DirecTV additionally kicked RT to the curb. However curiously, you didn’t touch upon that article. Maybe they will group up with RT so the complaining is louder.

Subsequent, it’s Strawb responding to the foolish notion that anybody who disagrees Twitter ought to host all authorized speech hates free speech:

By the identical logic, you kicking somebody off your property as a result of they’re spouting obnoxious bile implies that you hate free speech.

Over on the humorous facet, our first place winner is David with a response to our headline about how Clearview AI will apparently promote its product to “anybody with cash and a pulse”:

You might be maligning them

I’ve seen no indication that they might refuse enterprise with vampires.

In second place, it’s MightyMetricBatman with a remark about the outcomes of our Authorized Misunderstanding March Insanity bracket:

Rigged Match

Clearly the vote was rigged; an apparent RICO case.

For editor’s alternative on the humorous facet, we begin out with gglockner and another remark in regards to the bracket:


I hoped we might debate the true that means of a well-regulated militia.

Lastly, it’s an nameless remark about Amazon’s worker chat app and its record of banned phrases:

Assist! Name the **** division! The *** within the ***** is on ****!

That’s all for this week, people!

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