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According to Cyber experts, Viral 30 GB Free Details Diwali Offer Link can be a hoax where fraudsters could be hunting for your personal data. They can either steal your identity or phone you up to scam you. The Diwali 30GB Data Free Deal Is Not a Hoax.

30GB Free Data Diwali Offer Reality

Today, we will investigate the validity of the “30 GB Free Data Diwali Offer Link” and whether or not it is a hoax. There are probably a lot of questions running through your head right now, such “What is the link for the 30 GB free data for Diwali?” , Is the 30GB Free Data Diwali Offer Giveaway campaign handled by Jio itself? , Is 30 GB Free Data Diwali Offer Link is real or fake? , and many more examples.

Diwali Free Data Offer of 30 GB! Link:
Someone sent out a hoax Whatsapp message promising free recharge to random people, and it quickly spread over the internet.

Get paid to download the app, no account required! (Limited Time Offer)
The notification says “To Activate 30 GB Free Internet Diwali Offer for all Networks go here.”

In order to increase the sense of urgency for taking the quiz and receiving the prize, a timer has been set.

Users must then “open boxes” in order to receive their free recharges after finishing the survey. In order to claim your prize, you must forward the announcement to five separate Whatsapp groups or twenty individual contacts.


Upon completing the survey and tasks, you will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous gift, so it’s worth your time.

Here’s a Spoof Link That Will Go Viral:
Diwali Link for 30 GB of Free Data: Real or Fake?
According to our cyber experts, this link contains a virus and can be a scam where fraudsters could be looking for your money, personal data or other details.

While examining the link’s address. This is not a Telecom site, as we have confirmed. is the destination of the message’s referenced link.

The information can potentially be used to infect your device with malware or a virus. Report the message as spam to WhatsApp and then block the sender’s phone.

Discretion is advised, since your personal and financial information could be compromised if you inadvertently click the link. To prevent the loss of sensitive information, please get in touch with us via Instagram.

Get paid to download the app, no account required! (Limited Time Offer)
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Please note that the aforementioned link has nothing to do with any telecom company.

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