ABB depalletizer replaces heavy lifting and improves efficiency

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ABB’s Robotic Depalletizer software program program makes use of the info gathered by the imaginative and prescient sensor to supply the robotic with an applicable grasping degree for each area. | Credit score rating:ABB

ABB launches a model new Robotic Depalletizer reply designed for coping with sophisticated depalletizing duties throughout the logistics, e-commerce, healthcare, and shopper packaged objects industries.

The reply combines an ABB industrial robotic arm with imaginative and prescient steering and a model new, custom-made gripper design. The reply is optimized for mixed load pallets with a variety of area sizes and varieties.

The imaginative and prescient system can quickly and easily set up a model new area sort after which modify the grip location and gripper orientation to optimally pickup the sector from the pallet. This shortens the setup time and minimizes the engineering effort to deploy a model new depalletizing workcell.

The imaginative and prescient sensor permits the robotic to detect explicit carton containers on pallets, allowing reliable depalletizing of a lot of completely totally different load types. | Credit score rating: ABB

“Modifications in shopper habits are leading to a rise in new product sales channels equal to omni-channel, direct to shopper (D2C) and e-commerce. These, in flip, are driving the need for further versatile and surroundings pleasant order achievement and distribution infrastructures,” says Marc Segura, ABB’s Robotics Division President. “With the ability to depalletize containers stacked in a variety of configurations from single and mixed pallets, ABB´s Robotic Depalletizer helps to fulfill this need, allowing faster and further right coping with of quite a lot of merchandise ready for the next stage throughout the distribution course of.”

The robotic can successfully course of pallets of as a lot as 2.8m (9.2 ft) extreme and containers as a lot as 30 kg (80 lbs). The robotic can work at speeds as a lot as 650 cycle per hour, and try this 24 hours a day.

The ABB Robotic Depalletizer can merely select from pallets comprised of a single form of area in outlined layers. Credit score rating: ABB

A variety of ABB robots might be deployed into the Robotic Depalletizer reply. This includes a range of 4 to six axis robots. This permits the reply to be appropriately measurement for the anticipated operations, and will make the reply further cheap if lighter payloads, or a lot simpler pallet configurations are anticipated.

The Robotic Palletizer can place containers to an out feed conveyor or it’ll most likely even work along with an autonomous mobile robotic (AMR) for elimination of containers. ABB simply recently acquired AMR provider ASTI and has built-in ASTI into its product line.

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