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The second phase of the Emergency Emergency Cash Program has begun, providing money to deserving individuals, the vast majority of whom are from the working class, as stated by the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Dr. Sanya Nishtar.

The online registration for the Ehsaas kafalat survey
You can visit the official website of the Benazir Incom Support Program at www.bisp.gov.pk, or you can apply online for the ehsas kafalat-program through one of the NADRA Registration Centers in your area.

information about EHSAAS Registration Offices

Quick Money From An Online Ehsa be mentioned that the federal government had already designated August 31 as the final date for collecting money from Ehsas Emergency Cash. There was formerly a 30-day grace period for families of the deceased and recipients with biometric issues, but that has been reduced to 15 days. Online enrollment in the Ehsaas program.

Applying for the Benazir Income Supplement Program
During the first week of the Ehsaas emergency Cash Program’s rollout, a total of Rs 44 billion 19 crore 40 lakh was dispersed to 36 lakh 82,000 households, and this trend of generous giving will continue until the end of the month, provided that participants register for the program online at www.ehsaas.kafalat.org. There will be one more week of SMS service until April 19.

Eligible Families will be included in the Ehsaas Kafalat Program in accordance with the Surway 70Lac. Meet with a Surway team member and share your CNIC and family information. Any applicants who have got a message from NADRA requesting a new CNIC by texting 8171 should apply for one immediately. Beneficiaries will get their first installment of Rs.12000 (about $180) via the 8171 short code. Payments are available at select branches of Habib Bank and al Falah Bank.

For deserving citizens, the Pakistani government has launched the ehsas kafalat program.

Registration for the PM ehsaas program can now be completed online at any of the official registration hubs spread across Pakistan.

If you qualify for the ahasas program packages, you will be issued a kafalat card and instructed on how to apply for the ehsas kafalat.program.

Pakistani locations offering EHSAAS registration

Get the full list of bisp ehsaas registration centers at the provided website, www.nser.nadra.gov.pk/nsersurvey, and pick up some ihsas kafalat programe forms at your local Ehsaas Registration center.

Seven million poor women across the country would get monthly stipends of Rs.2000 / – as part of this program, which is a major step in the government’s welfare state. Also, the qualified lady will be awarded a savings account. To participate in the survey, please visit an Ehsaas registration facility. This page provides a gateway for people to learn more about the ehsas kafalat program and register for the ehsaas program online.

Centers for EHSAAS Registration

The online registration page for the Ehsas Kafalat program includes directions to the nearest registration center.

Registration opened for the PM’s Pakistani poor people’s aid package.

Download the Ehsas Kafalat Application Form (PDF)

Ehsas emegency cash reg April 2021 www.ehsaas emergency program.gov.pk Ehsas Kafalat program online registration. The link below will take you to the online registration website for the kifalat programme center in your district, in this case the Faisalabad district. Find an EHSAAS Registration Center near you.

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Pakistani locations offering EHSAAS registration


NADRA has initiated the NSER survey via specialized new facilities. At first, this survey will only be able to help people in 17 areas. To see if you were included in the EHSAAS registration survey with the necessary information, choose the neighborhood in which you currently reside.

Centers for EHSAAS Registration

Closed NADRA offices made it harder for people to register for the Ehsas program and input data to other programs. Those who previously visited the Ehsas program center to collect help money under the Ehsas program were not getting their fingerprints in the system, therefore they were not receiving government support. I just didn’t have the cash on hand.

Many applicants for a National Identity Card have reported problems, including NADRA offices being closed when they tried to register their fingerprints and problems feeding in their bio-data. Sadly, this was necessary because the NADRA offices were closed and people’s data was not being updated. Checkout options for the ehsaas program

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